ROREC Argireline Liquid Serum Anti-Wrinkle Anti Aging 50ML Blemish Cream Skin Care Hyaluronic Acid Serum Essence Moisture Creams


lkr 1550

Argireline collagen  serum

fresh face

you will have the sparkle face


Argireline collagen new machine serum

Contains Argireline collagen essence, helps skin hydrate and moisturize, refreshing and moisturizing, moisturizing and nourishing skin, smooth and glossy.



create nude makeup big beauty


Argireline collagen essence make the skin hydrate deeply


Make the skin soft and smooth, beautiful face and charming


Fresh texture, mildly nourish, easy to absorb


Argireline collagen serum, gently nourishing and moisturizing the muscles, makes the skin moist and smooth, charming and charming.



Wake up the skin


1. Tight and smooth

Collaxyl collagen protein is added with apparent effect for loose skin, can instantly convert nutrition ingredients needed by skin, allow skin to recover vitality.


2. Reduce wrinkles

Reduce expression wrinkles on the face, microgrooves on eyes, forehead wrinkle, nasolabial wrinkle and neck wrinkle, improve water content of skin, allow skin to be more fine and smooth.


3. Repair and improve

Improve roughness of skin on the face, as well as holes and various microgrooves caused by weakened skin repair ability due to outflow of collagen protein._06


Argireline is a polypeptide protein extracted from the bacterial species (monocytogenes) found in glacier mud in Antarctica



Selection of beautiful skin components

Hamamelis virginiana

Plant nutrient composition

mild and easy to absorb

Sodium Hyaluronate

hydrate and moisturize

make the skin fine and smooth

Hydrolyzed collagen

clean and moisturizing

soften and smooth the skin


hydrate, nourish and moisturize

The skin is moist, tender and glossy.

Gentle, skin-friendly, non-irritating

the texture is fine and clean




For dry and dehydrated skin to fill with water

Make skin firm and smooth

Skin water shortage


watery and soft_10



the skin is watery and moisturized

This liquid is very easy to use, the skin feels very thorough, not dry and not greasy, refreshing water

very nice to use, very comfortable

Moisturizing effect is very good, delicate texture, feel very good to absorb, watery when applied


clean the facial skin

Apply the right amount of 6 – peptides to the skin evenly