So CoQ Gluta Collagen

So CoQ Gluta Collagen Reduce Wrinkles Redness Acne Whitening Skin 30 capsules


New So CoQ Gluta adds 4 key extracts.
– The extract of tomatoes (Lycopen) help the skin pink, 
not susceptible to the sun does not return to black.
– Milk thistle extract to remove toxic chemicals. Help the liver not residue.
– Rosehip (deep rose skin), deep skin, dull skin from less rest.
– Alpha lipoic acid (alpha lipoic acid) increase the absorption of glutathione.

So CoQ Gluta and help restore skin to the sun has a dark black skin white. The opening of the skin to better absorb vitamins. Strengthening the collagen and elastin of the skin and helps tighten pores. Reduce wrinkles, acne, redness, acne, freckles and dark spots to fade skin completely.

♦ ️So CoQ Gluta & Collagen 1000 Mg. Extracts imported from Japan are less safe.

– New formula !! White four times faster than the original recipe !!
– Glutathione contemporaries white See # 1 in Bowl
– 4 seed vs. first injection needle.
– Injections than white, but not hurt.
– I did not stop to black.
– Both face and body with 2in1.

White & skin rejuvenation & white & white & Haggard.

One problem skin, dark black from birth.
Black Black Sun Song

Who face the problem of aging are wrinkles.
Mouth, infinitely deep wrinkles

What problems face peeling, flaky.
The dough does not stick to the skin lacks moisture.

Do not spray, do not hurt themselves. Do not porous Do not carry a lot of things to eat several live cumbersome.
Issues “page rumpled black” finish is easy to single out. Associates Co Q glutathione Collagen 250mg + 500mg.
And other nutrients such as vitamin E, grape seed, pine bark Q-Ten to help restore skin to white discoloration mind.
Reducing and anti-aging. And reduce skin roughness. Add water to moisten the skin


FDA no. 10-1-01057-1-0029 


– Glutatione   16,500 mg.

– Co Q10   800 mg.

– Mixed Berry Extract   550 mg.

– Collagen   500 mg.

– Vit C   150 mg.

– Apple Stem Cell   100 mg.

– Grape Stem Cell   100 mg.

– Argan Stem Cell   100 mg.

1 caps before bedtime

Price Rs 2000